DROP IN DIY World Championships at the Juice Bowl

The DIY World Championship Series was created with the simple idea of building your own fun – and sharing it. Through loosely organized jams, we are putting a spotlight on dedicated riders, their spots and the scenes that celebrate the do it yourself ethos. Bringing riders together to shred unique handmade terrain built by and for fellow creators and helping support these efforts with good times is how we hope to inspire more fun.
We reintroduced this series at the Juice Bowl in Richmond Va. as an invitational by bringing some East Coast heavies to a giant wooden bowl, tucked away from the world, for a low key session with good vibes. Thanks to Channing Miller, Chris Burke and the crew for sharing this masterpiece. Get stoked. Stay stoked!

When the fine folks that own the Juice Bowl aren't ripping, they are making some amazing avocado toast at the North End Juice Co. They also support the LaRama Project, a grassroots effort to save the trees. Go follow them on Instagram and learn more about how you can help!